When you click on a video the location of the footage is displayed but not in full address. Not all locations we go to are posted on our website this is because the homeowners do not wish us to show there footage on our website.

July 2014-Recent house investigation in vange pitsea. The team was called upon for our services, after the initial investigation a clearance was conducted and when we returned to the property to reveal what we found on our footage, the home was calm and the client was happy with the result. 

Roughan tower US airfield-  Bury St Edmunds 2013

We were invited to go along to this location with rainbow paranormal. This is what they caught from the night with there cameras of our team members. 

Halifax West Yorkshire - this was caught a while ago now by us but found it on our hard drive and it had to be put on here to share with yous. Take a look ....

This Footage was caught at a home investigation we did back in 2011. We were invited in by a local spiritualist centre on Canvey Island as they needed someone to help with this particular location. Below is what we caught when we went there with the team.

These 2 Videos are a compilation of evidence we caught in one night at this home in Stanford le Hope. 

This footage was caught at a home in Dagenham. Take a look at the 2 videos see what you can see... 

This Footage was caught at a worried owners home in Pitsea.  

This collection of evidence was filmed at another home on Canvey Island  

The 3 video clips below are compilations of various pieces of evidence caught at another home in Pitsea. We ended up visiting this location with our equipment on 3 different occasions over a space of roughly 3 years. This was because she was comfortable with the spirits being left there and wanted to see what we could catch. On our last visit we cleared the ladies house and since, she hasn't had any other disturbances. We would like to thank the homeowner ( she knows who she is) for us collecting our findings from our visits. She has been a lovely lady to deal with. 

We hope you like the footage.

The 2 Clips below are audio clips really and was caught way back in our early days. Again they was found with some of our older clips on our old hard drive and we thought you like them so here they are is... 

The 2 Clips below are compilations of evidence caught at The Gun Pub in Pitsea, Essex. We were asked to come and investigate the pub by landlady and owner Lynne. Since meeting Lynne we have also held a psychic night at the pub with great success and hopefully we shall be hosting some more there soon. 


The clip below was footage taken from a house in Pitsea. 

The footage below is our evidence collected from the Orsett Cock Pub in Orsett, Essex just off the A13, which sadly is no longer a pub but a restuarant. We ended up investigating the pub 4 times in all as everytime we went there the evidence we were getting was just mind blowing. This has to be the teams most bestest location to date for evidence and personal experiances. We hope you like our short clip of some of our evidence from there. 

This clip was actually filmed at one of our team co founders home. 

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pitseaparanormalteam@gmail.com  or  pitseaparanormal@gmail.com   

we hope to hear from you ..... 

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