Do you or someone you know have problems with spirit or eerie goings on with in your home? Then why not contact us to come and investigate, Its free of charge (depending on distance which may incur charges for petrol) and we will always tell you straight what we believe to be happening whether it turns out to be creepy noises  your house makes in the night, to spirit visitors within your home no matter what we will find out a reason for what you are experiencing. 

What will happen when we come?

If you decided to contact us to investigate your home, we would first come to see you for a pre investigation chat just to find out for ourselves what we could be dealing with, by bringing along our teams mediums and other investigators. The mediums will not ask you to tell them any information. They would firstly walk around your home then tell you what they believe to be happening or picking up. This is something we have done since we started and we believe it to be a good way of you trusting the mediums we have within the team. After telling you what we picked up or believe to be happening we would then ask you what you'd like us to do, whether it be us to come in with our cameras to catch the happenings on footage,then to cleanse your home for you if wanted. 

At anytime during the process you wish us to leave your property we would do so as we are only there to help you. 

Our main aim for us as a team is to experience and help others with our combined team knowledge. So if you would like us to investigate please contact us.


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