to our newly designed and updated website. So don't be alarmed we are still Pitsea Paranormal.


Hello and welcome to the Pitsea paranormal team, we started investigating in august 2001, for which we have done many investigations. WE SPECIALISE IN HELPING PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS WITHIN THERE HOMES ( PRIVATE INVESTIGATION), WE ALSO CONDUCT PARANORMAL EVENTS EVERY SO OFTEN TO HELP FUND THE FREE WORK WE DO IN HELPING OTHERS FOR FREE.We are just eight ordinary people who have had our own experiences of the paranormal, my name is Perry, and my co founders are Sarah & Rob.We are a team of 8 and as of 2014 we now have 4 members of the team have diplomas in Paranormal Investigating from the London Management of Science College.

Within our team we have 5 spiritualist mediums/paranormal investigators and 3 paranormal investigators, who of which try to analyse a situation and try to conclude that a haunted location isn't haunted but things maybe happening because of everyday occurrence e.g.pipes making noises, squeaky floor boards etc etc. As ghost hunters we do this to help people to find out why, what and who for research purposes. We also take other investigators to locations, which we try to pass our own knowledge on and also we can learn off of others.

When we do Private (house) investigations we are very discreet and understanding of other people’s feelings and we also understand that talking about paranormal goings on can be embarrassing, feel free to email us if you want to talk( via email addresses below).

 This is enough about us please feel free to tell us your paranormal stories and send us some pictures of your own ghosts or other paranormal goings on, or if you would like us to investigate for you please don't hesitate to contact us thank you for reading our short introduction please look at some of our pictures/videos/evps/events for which more pictures and videos and events will be added, soon.

In April 2014 we were invited to feature on a questions and answers page on spookyisles.com 

Click Here to see our very own Traceys Q's & A's that were chosen for the webpage.

To contact us email us at:


or Phone 07449 786617

we hope to hear from you ..... 

Every 1st Sunday of the month Pitsea Paranormal are at King Edward Road community centre for our night of mediumship with a different local medium every month. 

If you'd like to meet some of the team or are experiencing any problems in your home, why not pop along and have a chat with a team member.

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