Recently we investigated a house in Laindon Essex.  FOOTAGE FROM INVESTIGATION SHOWN ABOVE

We were contacted via the home owner as she and her 2 children were scared to be in there home alone as they have witnessed a male spirit pocess there home since they moved in. They also experienced strange noises, voices and seeing the same man on many occasions within there home.

 After visiting the home to have a chat with the home owner, it was aparent that this was a serious case, so we investigated further.

We spent 2 nights at the property.

Night 1:

We arrived at 8pm to get a general feel from the home, on arrival myself and my daughter Sarah who is also a medium felt 3 spirits there, a man (age 40ish), little girl ( age 5-6) and a yorkshire terrior dog. At around 11pm we started the investigation with our equipment ( camcorders,dictaphones and photo cameras) for about 2 hours we got nothing no bangs, even the spirits didnt want to talk. 

Until around 12.30 when our cameras and camcorders batteries were getting low we had bangs caught orbs and mists on the camcorders and cameras.

Night 2:

We started the investigation at midnight. Straight away activity started our names were being heard, saw orbs with our naked eyes and on cameras. At the end of the night the home owner asked us to clear the spirits. Which as a group  we did.

So far she hasnt had any disturbances.......


Investigation In Halifax, West Yorkshire

We were Contacted by the home owners, Christine and David, who after moving into there home discovered strange noises,voices being heard. They were also experiencing things being moved and seen around there home.

We First went there to investigate in 2005, then twice after that, they have recently moved. They once again have activity going on in there new home and have called on us again,So we as a paranormal team still go to there home to research more into the paranormal. Over the years we have caught countless footage and audio recordings and Finally we are able to one by one upload them to the computer to show you what we caught.


Investigation In a Home in Basildon Essex

Reports of being held down when laying down on the bed. Noises in the night, seeing shadows.

The home owner was too scared to stay in her home alone. We went there 3 times in the course of 1 month. She wanted her house cleared so we called in a local medium who came and cleared her house for her on our behalf. 

Since the clearing she hasn't had any experiences. 

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